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Hi everyone. This morning I discovered my publisher has placed one of my books for FREE. Protector is book one in my YA/NA fantasy romance series where across worlds, soul-bound mates battle against both love and land. There’s a prince, a princess, and swords. If you’d like to grab your Free copy, please do. I’d love it if you also shared the news. Available at all e-retailers.

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#Prizes – Ebook Bundle Prize Pack, and Jewellery – It’s Magical May


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A fabulous prize pack has been put together by the wonderful Kensington Books/Lyrical Press authors I released with earlier this month. If you’d like to enter our wicked draw, then please check out the rafflecopter giveaway further on in this post. One lucky winner will receive a bundle pack of all five ebooks displayed in the picture below. The romance stories on offer range from historical, western historical, paranormal, contemporary and new adult fantasy. I also have a personal Jewellery Prize up for grabs (running for the month of May,) and to enter all you have to do is leave a comment to go into the draw.

Here’s a new excerpt from Enchanter for you:

“I can’t believe I did that.” I stole another look at the floorboards I’d warped with my burgeoning fire skill.


“I can’t believe you ’pathed me.” Guy smiled and nuzzled my hair.


“What are you doing?” Butterflies abounded in my belly. “I mean, don’t do that.”


“Mmm, you smell like sunshine, and your hair, it’s a living flame with these strands of gold ablaze within the red.”


“It’s too curly.”


“I like curly.”


“We’re getting rather close, Guy.”


“Close is dangerous.” He pulled back and looked into my eyes. “Sorry, gotta kiss you. Now.”


His mouth stole over mine and whatever thoughts I had scattered, except for one. I wanted this kiss as much as he did. This moment couldn’t be denied, so I kissed him as deeply as he kissed me. I stroked his silky black hair. “We should have done this sooner,” I mumbled against his lips. “So good.”


“Hell, yes.” He deepened our kiss.


I was lost in the sweet taste of him. My heart soared and my soul called to his. More. He was my mate, and it wasn’t a bond to be broken. Except, damn it, we had.


“We should stop,” he growled as he pulled away.


“Absolutely. What were you thinking?” Unable to help myself, I traced his full lips with a finger.


For my own personal prize, leave a comment for a chance to win a New Zealand Paua Shell Kiwi Pendant Earring Set.

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Breaking News:

I just heard about this. PROTECTOR is on sale for a limited time. This is the enthralling first book in the Magio-Earth series.


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Thank you for joining me in this Magical May Blog Hop to celebrate Enchanter’s release. 🙂

Sneak Peek of Enchanter and Jewellery Giveaway


Enchanter is Here!

I’m so excited to be sharing a snippet from my new release Enchanter, which is available from today, May 5th.

If you’d like to, check out the giveaway at the end of the post. You could win a New Zealand Paua Shell Kiwi Pendant Earring Set (INT.) This was made by a local jeweller, so I could offer a fabulous piece of Kiwiana in my giveaway. Just leave a comment to go into the draw which will run throughout the month of May.

ENDLESS READING REVIEWER: “I loved reading the alluring temptation, the quarrels and laughs, the heat of the moment, and the lust that transpired in Enchanter between Guy & Silvie.”

ENCHANTER (Magio-Earth #3): Amazon Kindle / B&N Nook / Kensington Publishing iTunes / Kobo

To love and protect…across worlds.

On planet Magio war rages between Peacio’s protectors and Dralion’s warriors. Friendships and soul-bonds are forbidden, yet deadly secrets lurk within a high-ranking inner circle.

Eighteen-year-old Peacian Silvie Carver’s worst problem is completing finals until her best friend receives forewarning that Silvie is the key to keeping her enemy king from making a decision that will escalate the war. Silvie must save her loved ones’ soul-bonds from being torn apart, and all without revealing her emerging and rare fire skill during the mission.

Dralion warrior and enchanter, Guy Moyer, has been fighting his soul’s demand to find his mated one…who also happens to be his enemy. Except Silvie shows up on Dralion’s off-world Australian Outback station and though they renounce their bond, his soul demands he aid and protect her.

When Silvie finds herself impersonating a warrior, she’s pulled to the fiery edge of her control as she seeks to influence the king’s decision. Can the mated pair turn the tide of the war and find their place with each other?



“I’m so sorry about your mother, Guy.” I scraped one foot forward, touching my toe to his, needing some form of connection too.

“She had the biggest heart, the gentlest smile, and hair as black as midnight, so long it touched her waist, right about”—he smoothed down my sides and cupped my hips—“here.”

Heat raced through my veins and I shuffled my other foot forward. Closer was better, and no doubt due to the bond at play. “You miss her?”

“Always.” He slid his thumbs into the small gap between the waistband of my cutoffs and t-shirt. “She was life itself, which is why I appreciate the here and now. You never know when someone will be gone.”

My chest tightened, his loss cutting into me far more than it should. “She sounds wonderful.”

“She was.” He pulled back a little and fingered his necklace. From the center of the thin strap of leather, a small gold ring dangled. “It’s been so long. I almost forgot. My mother bequeathed her ring to my mated one. She gave it to me to hold onto until the time we met.”

“What? No. We might be mated, but we’re not doing anything about it, right?”

“Right.” He lifted the necklace free of his head. “But I still made a promise.”

“No, really.” I shoved against his chest. “Stop. Put that back on. Promises like that can be broken.”

“Not this one. My mother wanted the woman I was mated with to know her in some way. This ring was her gift to you. I’m only the keeper, passing it along.”

I backed up until my shoulders knocked the hay bales. “I said stop.”

“Her wishes were precise.” He crowded me from the front, making it impossible to get away, and then slipped the necklace over my head. “This was what my mother wanted. It feels good to see to her last request. Don’t deny me that.”

Nothing could have shocked me more. Off balance, I rocked onto my heels, gripping the band of gold, his mother’s precious gift from the past. “This is crazy.”

“I’ll know you have it. That’s all that matters.” Guy’s brow pulled down as he clasped my hand. “We really should end things now, before our soul-bond deepens further.”

“You mean release each other?”

“Exactly. I’m the last enchanter in my line, and even though I’m only nineteen, Donaldo has already requested I find a warrior woman and continue it. I have to ensure the ability to enchant doesn’t die away with me.”

Damn, this was all happening so fast. “Shouldn’t we take some time before we decide on such a step?”

“My destiny is not with you, Silvie. It’s elsewhere.”

“For eighteen years I’ve dreamed of being mated.”

“We can’t move on until we release each other.”

The heaviness in my chest expanded. Geez, what a predicament. This was the right thing to do, even though it felt totally wrong.

“Don’t think too much about it.” He caught my face between his hands. “Just start. Speak the words I need to hear.”

“You’re this certain?”

“Yes. I’m sorry.” His voice scraped on the last word, as if he fought his emotions.

I could do this. I was strong, and surely didn’t need a warrior for a mate. I’d already seen how hard it was for Faith and Hope, and now, the future difficulties they faced. That wasn’t for me.

“Give me a second.” I wet my suddenly dry lips then forced them open.

ENCHANTER (Magio-Earth #3): Amazon Kindle / B&N Nook / Kensington Publishing iTunes / Kobo


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Love Fantasy Romance? Hunter is FREE Apr 30th to May 4th


With ENCHANTER’s release just a few days away on May 5th, I decided to celebrate a little early by offering HUNTER, the novella in this New Adult Fantasy Romance series for FREE.

The Amazon link is at the end of the post if you’d like to grab your free copy, and please, spread the word. I’d love that.

REVIEWERS: “Another great read from Joanne. I can’t wait for the next FULL instalment in this series ‘ENCHANTER.'” -Nicola Horner ~ Endless Reading

“I loved the humorous and sweet relationship between Cole and Lieska. This series has quickly become a favorite.” – Holly Underhill ~ YA/NA Reviewer

“Hunter is exciting, unforgettable and charming. Hunter is a must read for those who love this series as much as I do.” – Angela McPherson ~ Nocturne Romance Reviewer 


Chains cranked, and the solid paneled iron gates at the entrance rolled open. This was what I’d been waiting for. Finally I’d be able to see inside the three-story high open-aired arena. It was a beauty with its ancient circular architecture.

“Wow. Do you see that?” Hope whispered to me from where we hid in a bush.

I shoved the brush farther aside, and we both poked our noses in. The protectors’ arena was close in size to our fighting force’s in Dralion. Their blocked seats were layered back and up and able to hold thousands of spectators. Groups of protectors trained on the central sandy floor with swords and spears and axes, with likely more beyond. Some of the men wore red tunics with leather-flapped skirts, and they lunged and parried, as accurate with their brutally sharp weapons as any warrior would be. The women trained in their battle leathers. So close. This was the chance I’d been waiting for. It had definitely been right to bring Hope. Hopefully she’d be able to help me keep a level head.

“Let’s go.” I gripped Hope’s hand and ’ported us. Everything darkened as I made the short jump through space.

Hope wobbled as we arrived near the wall. “Lieska, what the heck are you doing?”

“You saw the gate open. It’s an invitation I can’t turn down.” I plucked the sides of my hip-hugging black leather pants. “Look at us. I’m dressed no differently to any of the protector women, and you’re completely unassuming in jeans and a t-shirt. Except for this. The Stetson has to go. It screams Earth.” I nabbed it and tossed it behind a flax bush growing beside the wall. “Now no one’s going to suspect we’re from Dralion unless we announce it. We’ll be normal people, not catching a second glance.”

“Geez, I hate how my own words come back to bite me.” She shook her head. “Just make sure you don’t announce our arrival your way. No throwing any daggers at the protectors, because that would be announcing it, in case you weren’t aware.”

“I’m aware, and I’ll try and keep them sheathed, maybe.” I couldn’t stop from rubbing my hands together. Finally I’d have a chance to sort this problem. The hunt was on. I strode in and the breeze lifted my long brown locks and swept strands across my face. Two men battled close by and one of the men’s blade’s struck flesh and bone. Blood spurted in a wide arc. My blood thrummed to join the fight. Oh yeah. I wish I’d been the one to inflict that wound. The injured man grasped his arm, holding the edges closed. His blood ceased running and his skin began to knit together. A fast-healer. Damn. What a shame.

“Ew.” Hope puffed as she caught up. “Are your senses still on fire?”

“Burning bright. So stay close in case I need to ’port us out of here quick.” I followed the safety rail around the perimeter. My senses flared. There. A man in black jeans stretched as if readying himself for training. The denim molded his butt. Mm-mmm

He selected a two-handed sword from the rack and twirled it in a precise figure eight. Slowly he built up speed, and moved through a series of fluid training moves. He held the battle skills, and only those who had such an affinity for their weapon did.

“Is that him? The one you’re after?” Hope hauled me to a stop.

“Yes, and it appears he needs a battling partner. Wait here.”

“I’ll wait provided you agree not to kill anyone.”

“We’ll see, just don’t draw any attention to yourself.”

“Huh, I can’t believe you’re telling me not to draw attention to myself. Hello. Give yourself your own pep talk.” With a harrumph, she snuck under the railing. She plopped onto the wooden bench and grasped the edge under her knees, squishing her knuckles.

“I would take my own advice, except I don’t think I’m up for listening. That’s why I have you.” She was one of my best friends, even though she’d accepted a protector as her mate. I could deal

Stroking the hilt of my ever-present side sword, I walked toward the one my senses had flared on.


HUNTER: Amazon Kindle

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What Is Up With Those Dreams?

dream pic

So cute. 🙂

I’m going to need to do some research on dreams and figure out why we have them. Some make absolutely no sense at all. You know those ones, right? You wake up in the morning completely sweating over the horrifying dream you’ve just had. It felt so real, and once awake, it takes you a minute or two to realize you’ve just been dreaming.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I can feel almost every emotion when I’m dreaming, from anger to delight, from calm to complete frustration. Never though do I get utterly bewildered about what’s happening in the dream. I don’t think to myself, how can this be happening? Wake up. This is not real. Yeah, it’d sure be nice if I did. Anyone else with me on that?

Yep, there can certainly be some strange things going on in our dreams. Say a giant neon green pig the size of a horse is chasing you through a car park. Suddenly it grabs you with its super-elasticated front legs, and then decides to…well, who knows what comes next. But, usually whatever the strange thing going on is, you don’t consciously think it can’t be real. It’s so real in the moment, even if it’s totally preposterous. Those are the dreams I’m wondering why we have.

And yet another pet peeve with those dreams, is usually ten minutes after waking up from a doozy of one, you go to tell your nearest and dearest about what just happened, and you know what? For the life of you, you simply can’t remember what that stupid dream was all about.

So frustrating. Why on earth do they just turn up out of the blue, and then vanish on the wind?

Anyone have an answer?

Okay, away from those silly dreams and onto an amazing one.  I have some wicked, dreamy news to share. A novella in my YA Fantasy Romance series, titled HUNTER, will be releasing early 2014. I’m super excited about this. If you’re a fan of PROTECTOR and WARRIOR, then HUNTER is a story you don’t want to miss. It’ll arrive just before book three in the series, ENCHANTER, which is scheduled for release mid-2014. The cover for HUNTER should be here soon, and I’ll share it the moment it arrives.

Don’t forget to drop me a comment if you’d like to. I love hearing from you guys.

Also, if you’d like to read one of my books from my thrilling new Young Adult Fantasy Romance series then by all means, check out the book links below to pick up your copy of PROTECTOR or WARRIOR.

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