Highlander’s Bride- Release Day

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I’m so thrilled to bring you Ronan and Kyla’s story, HIGHLANDER’S BRIDE, which releases today. I hope you too will get swept away in their romantic adventure as they discover their mated bond and the fierce pull it has on them. Come and join them on their journey, one which will take you through the beautiful Highlands and of course, back to where all those glorious fae legends come to vibrant life.

Year 1210, Scottish Highlands. Kidnapped as a child by a fierce chief for her revered fae blood, Kyla’s only known one clan. Now she’s being hunted by an enemy warrior from amongst her true kin, a warrior who insists they are soul bound.


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17 Highlander's_Bride_#1One soul bound mate…one quest to find her.

Year 1210, Scottish Highlands.

Kidnapped as a wee lass by a fierce Highland chief, Kyla MacKenzie has been raised for the past twenty years as the chief’s foster daughter, the ruthless chief a man who threatened to kill her parents should she ever speak the truth about her abduction. The chief covets her fae blood and when she’s asked to tend to a captured enemy warrior and discovers they hold a soul bond, all her secrets could be exposed and her parents’ lives endangered.

Warrior Ronan Matheson discovers his chosen one is the foster daughter of his clan’s greatest enemy, a lass he’s been searching for his entire life, although when his fellow warriors come to his rescue and he escapes from within the enemy’s walls, he must then turn around and find a way to get back in, and all without his actual identity being discovered. It’s time to bind his chosen one to him, and for her to learn all about her true clan.

Theirs is a battle of lost love, of passion flaring hot and strong, and of a journey to bridge the gap between two warring clans.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

For the past month since Ronan’s escape from Carron Castle’s dungeons all he’d wished to do was heal then ensure an adequate disguise so he might return to Kyla without anyone discovering his true identity. He longed to see the fiery spark in her blue eyes. She was spectacular, mesmerizing, a true Scottish lass with the fire of the fae in her blood. Aye, no more would he allow his mate to deny their bond.

Along the trail, he snuck then halted as up ahead splashing trickled toward him.

With nary a noise, he stepped out from amongst the thick trees encircling a clearing. Sunshine rippled across the glistening surface of a perfectly round pool holding his enticing siren within.

Scooping water at her sides, Kyla floated on her back, her waist-length locks splaying out like a lily pad of golden-red, her dainty face upturned and eyes closed. The water swelled around her, cascaded over her bare legs and belly. Her full breasts rose above the surface and—hell. He hadn’t expected to find her without a stitch of clothing on.

He should turn away, give her the privacy she desired, only doing so right now was impossible. Her lips, softly parted, drew his gaze even though every curved inch of her remained on glorious display. His chosen one had been raised far away from her true clan, and now his battle to capture and contain his fiery mate had begun, a battle he’d never walk away from.

Today, she’d learn that the fae never gave up on one of their own.

He lowered his satchel to the ground, toed off his boots and unbelted his sword. ’Twas time for his mate to see he was back and wasn’t leaving without her, not one more time. At the edge of the pool, he planted his hands on his hips, determination spurring him on. “Kyla.”

Water splashed and his enticing siren gasped and dunked under the surface. She came back up spluttering, her beautiful blue eyes alight. “Coll? What are you—” She scrubbed her knuckles into her eyes then blinked. “Nay, you’re no’ Coll. Who are you?”

“Rand MacKenzie, my lady, at your service.”


Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU.

Also available at: Nook, iBooks, Kobo

Paperback: Amazon


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