Highlander Heat

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Highlander Heat #1
Highlander Heat #2
Highlander Heat #3
Highlander Heat #4
Highlander Heat #5
Highlander Heat #6
Highlander Heat #7

6 thoughts on “Highlander Heat

  1. where in order of the highlander series does the novella fit im looking for reading order thanku i love these books

    1. Hi Cynthia. Thanks so much for saying you love these books. The novella, Highlander’s Captive, is a short story, about a 40 minute read, and is actually #0.5, so comes first. Full length novels are, Highlander’s Castle book #1, Highlander’s Magic #2, Highlander’s Charm #3, Highlander’s Guardian #4, and coming soon are Highlander’s Faerie #5 and Highlander’s Champion #6. This series is an ongoing one, so there will be loads to read. I hope that helps.

      Also, thanks so much for asking this question. I too love to read series in order, although each book within this series can be read as stand-alone. 🙂

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