HIGHLANDER’S PASSION, The Matheson Brothers #2

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12 Highlander's_Passion_#2HIGHLANDER’S PASSION, The Matheson Brothers #2

There is only one…for both of them.

Sent back in time to the year 1210 when their Highlander shifter clan first began, three identical brothers known as the ‘power of three’ must find their mates if they wish to save their future line from extinction.

Fae-blooded Arabel holds the deadly and rare fire-wielder skill, an ability that flares beyond her control when her shifter mate travels to the past and begins closing in on her. Unable to allow an intimacy with him for fear she’ll bring about his death, she enlists the aid of one of her fae kind to compel him, so that no matter how many times they might meet, each instance will be as if the first and all other times forgotten.

Highland warrior shifter Finlay Matheson is on a mission to find his mate and each time he meets Arabel, he falls inescapably in love. If only he didn’t keep forgetting her each time they parted ways. Determined and unwavering in his mission, when he is called to save Arabel’s village from being destroyed by her enemy, he races to aid and protect her.

Battling both love and land, Finlay must find a way for them to be together…and without perishing when they do.


Finlay wiped his blade clean, sheathed it at his wrist then tucked his traveling bag out of the way next to her trunk under the window.

Before the glass, she combed her hair and secured her pale locks at each side with a silver pin. Done, she set it down and faced him. “Are you ready to break your fast, Finlay?”

“Always. I’m hungry this morning, and for far more than breakfast.” He caught her around the waist and drew her closer. “I have a proposition.”

“That sounds dangerous.” She seized his biceps and held on. “We really need to cease touching.”

“Allow me one kiss before we leave. I’ve yet to taste your lips and I fear I’ll be overcome with the desire to do so and at the worst possible time.” He was quite serious. “I’ve been searching for you for the longest time and I can’t seem to hold back any of my desires, which are growing rapidly the more time we spend together. It’s also best we test your limits well away from your kin.”

“That is a terrible proposition.” Yet a glimmer of hope flared in her eyes. She wanted his kiss, and with a little nudge, he might be able to claim one from her.

“We’ll take things slowly. I promise you I will. This time I’ll be far more careful.” He caressed her sides, roamed down and scooped her bottom. Lifted higher, he pressed his hips against hers. “Say, aye.”

“You are one very pushy bear.”

“Is that an aye?”

“One kiss, then you shall see we are a terrible match and hopefully head straight for the hills.”

“Perfect.” He’d take her agreement for a kiss no matter how it was offered. Gently, he carried her to the bed and laid her across the soft brown fur bedcovering then nudged her knees apart and with his legs between hers, sank down on top of her. “I will never desire any other than you.”

“Must we lie down for this kiss?” She wriggled underneath him, her breath catching.

“Aye, that would be my preference.”

“I feel too hot.” She closed her eyes. “And there are butterflies taking flight in my belly. Can we hurry and be done with this?”

“We can, the moment you look at me.”

She opened her eyes and frowned. “You are completely relentless.”

“Because losing you is something I’ll never survive, not now that I’ve finally found you.” He lowered his head a touch and completed the trap. “After this kiss, I want the right to sleep in your bed, each and every night.”

“You are beyond relentless.”

“If you need me to taper my needs back, just ask.”

“As if you’d listen.” She rolled her eyes and he chuckled.

“You are already coming to know me so well.” Slowly he brushed his mouth over hers, her lips so achingly soft as he joined them together. Playfully, he nipped her lower lip, sucked it into his mouth then licked her tongue. Desire swarmed his senses and as her breasts swelled under his chest, a raw and primal sensation speared through him. He rubbed his body against hers, until his scent surrounded her and hers enveloped him.

“I cannae believe we’re kissing.” Her breath whispered softly across his lips in a teasing caress he hungered for more of. “A little more, Finlay, please.”