HIGHLANDER’S MAGIC, Highlander Heat #2

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HighlandersMagicHIGHLANDER’S MAGIC, Highlander Heat #2

Traveling through time…for a Highlander.

Wearing the four-hundred-year-old amulet she inherited, Marie MacLean enters a faerie circle near the ruins of Dunyvaig Castle. A veil rises. A warrior from the past makes a wish to win the war against the Chief of MacLean, and as the veil thins, she falls through into his time.


Highland warrior Archie MacDonald has been gifted a faerie who insists she’s from the future and the progeny of both his and his enemy’s clan. The last thing he expects is for her to stir him on a level he’s never experienced before. All he needs is her aid in the war, no matter where she believes she’s from.


Determined to keep history on course, Marie enters the crux of the battle. She must ensure the MacLean chief who has yet to father her paternal line isn’t killed, and all without perishing herself. Can Archie see past his need for revenge before he kills his enemy? If he wishes to save the woman who’s crossed centuries to be by his side, he must.



Marie should step back, but for the life of her, she couldn’t. Instead, she slid her fingers through Archie’s silky brown hair and stroked his scalp. “I dare you. I’m a twenty-first century woman, whether you believe me or not. And we play by a whole separate set of rules.”

“So you wish to play as the fae do?” Archie lowered his head to the curve of her neck and brushed his lips over her flesh. “Say aye. I need to hear your agreement plain and clear.”


“Yes, bring on the fire. Set as many challenges as you like.” She tipped her head to the side and he trailed his lips lower.


“Fire it is then.” He settled his mouth over her pulse and sucked, hard.


Her knees wobbled, and she latched onto his shoulders. “Um, nice start.”


“Nice? Your heartbeat flutters like the wings of a bird.” He pressed every inch of his body against hers, and heat raced the entire length. “I want to kiss you.”


Well, that she really didn’t mind. This adventure surely wouldn’t hurt with some kissing involved. “If you wish.”


“I wish.” He covered her mouth with his, and the taste of him swarmed her senses. Oh, yes. Adventure was good. Wanting more, she kissed him back, molding her mouth to his.


“You taste so sweet.” He licked over her lower lip with the most seductive stroke. Desire bolted through her. Then he caressed her sides, roamed down and scooped her bottom up. Lifted higher, he pressed himself hard against her, and he was hard.


Sweet heaven. Keeping hold, she seized his powerful biceps. “I really like you without the shirt.”


“I really like you with mine on.” Then he kissed her deeper, until their breath mingled as one. “How much fire can you handle? I need to touch you.”