HIGHLANDER’S CAPTIVE, Highlander Heat Novella #7

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HighlandersCaptiveHIGHLANDER’S CAPTIVE, Highlander Heat Novella #7

His mission is to capture. Hers is to turn the tide.

Twenty-two-year-old Julia MacLeod discovers a secret tunnel leading from Dunvegan Castle, the stronghold of her MacLeod clan. Her chief would never allow her to leave without a guard during this time of war, but up for an adventure, she scurries along the dank passageway and through a maze of twists and turns.

Highland warrior Ivor MacDonald is on a solitary mission to secure a bargaining chip against his chief’s rival clan. While scouting the cliffs near Dunvegan Castle for a way in, a lone woman topples from the cliffs and into the frigid waters of the ocean. Honor demands he rescue her, even though it might bring his mission into jeopardy. Then he discovers she’s the chief’s cousin, and his bargaining chip has just fallen right into his hands.

Ivor steals his captive away, and on a journey across the ocean, his mission soon takes a turn. Julia’s trust in him sees his honor battling to override his need for revenge. Has his captive now turned the tide, and became the captor instead?


A Historical Highlander Romance


Wind whipped through Ivor’s shoulder-length hair, drying it into a rakish look. As he held the ropes, his biceps bulged and his every muscle strained to control the wind power he’d harnessed in the skiff’s tight sail.

Oh, she should turn her gaze away. Only, so impressive. A warrior of great strength.

Mayhap she should enjoy this since she didn’t have a choice. She’d certainly never ridden in a boat moving at such speed that ’twas half out of the water. Awed by his ability, she peeked over his arm. The coastline was but a blur. Her heart near jumped out of her chest and she clutched him tighter. “How fast are we going?”

“Faster than usual, but the crosswinds will ease off soon.”

Plastered against the hard planes of his body, she almost hoped they didn’t. She smiled and lifted her face to the sky, allowing the moment to expand. This was life, and far more interesting than the confines of Dunvegan Castle, not that she’d ever tell Ivor that.

“You look happy.”

“I’ve never sailed like this before.”

“I should think not. Ah, look, the wind is easing. Keep holding on as the boat flattens out. Sometimes it can get a bit bumpy.”

Waves splashed over the bow as it settled down, but naught like the jolt that had first lifted it. Ivor held the ropes and her as he jumped from the edge and into the hull.

She scampered to the bench seat, patting her racing heart.

“Tell me how you came to be on those cliffs?” Ivor tied the ropes off to hold the sail in place then dropped in beside her. With the rudder in hand, he turned it a fraction.

“My father’s in Edinburgh and I didn’t wish to travel so far this close to winter. Margaret, my cousin, asked me to stay.”

“You’re traveling now.”

“A most unexpected trip, wouldn’t you say?”

“Most.” He winked. “But exceptionally glad for the company, I am.”

“So I see.” Along this expanse of rugged coastline, the village lay nestled beyond the forest. At high tide or on the rising and setting of the sun, half a dozen boats would be out, fishermen casting their nets. ’Twas unlucky all was quiet with no opportunity to raise the alarm. Although ’twas by far lucky Ivor had been at those cliffs. She lived now because he’d rescued her. Aye, she owed him for that. If only he’d turn this vessel around and take her home.

Hmm, mayhap she needed to work some magic to make that happen.