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HIGHLANDER’S HEART released today. Tor and Layla’s story was such an emotionally sweeping love story to write. I hope you’ll come and join them on their journey and get lost in the beauty of the Highlands as you do.

He’s a warrior who’s traveled through time to find his soul bound mate. She’s a lass betrothed to another.


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15 Highlander's_Heart_#2There can be only one…for both of them.

Fae-blooded Layla holds a fearsome battle skill, the ‘power of thought.’ She can levitate, move objects and people, and all with only a thought from her mind alone. Her skill is coveted by their allied clan, and when she comes of age, a marriage of alliance is agreed upon. Her betrothed is a fearsome warrior, the son of one of the greatest Highland chiefs, a man she holds no feelings for but intends to wed all the same.

Highlander warrior shifter Tor Matheson has traveled from the twenty-first century into the past in order to find the one woman who was always meant to be his. He awaits the night of the full moon, the one night when he should be able to sense who she is. Except only one woman draws him irresistibly in, the one woman who is completely and irretrievably forbidden to him. She is betrothed to another and if he wishes to claim her, he’ll need to come up against one of the greatest challenges ever thrown at him.

Plunged between two fierce warriors intent on claiming her, Layla must decide whether to allow duty to prevail, or to hand her heart over to the one man prepared to fight for it.

Never has there been such a battle for love.


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Exclusive Excerpt:

Layla should never have allowed Tor to take her from the meadow. Now, she was trapped here in this remote cavern in an underground pool with a determined man and his resolute bear so very close to the surface. She couldn’t be his mate, no matter his desire for her was clear to see and apparently continuing to deepen. “Wait right there, Tor.”

She needed to keep some space between them.

“My bear will want your touch.”

“I mean it.” She did, only as the moon blazed brighter through the vent overhead in the craggy ceiling, her very soul ached at the thought of keeping him at bay.

“There will be no marriage between you and Donnan MacDonald.” Tor surged forward through the pool’s water, grasped her dangling legs as she sat on the overhanging ledge. “This is our night, and the sooner you acknowledge it, the better.” Challenge lit his gaze and his luscious lips lifted, not that she should have noticed his lips. Except she always had, wished only to lean forward and lick them.

“What are you doing to me?” He had her thoughts in total disarray.

“It’s our bond taking form, your soul calling to mine and mine to yours.” He rubbed upward, over her knees, his thumbs swirling in a slow circle along the inside of each leg and his golden eyes heating to a smoldering hue. “When one shifts, it causes quite a lightning bright display. Close your eyes or turn away if you need to, but be warned, my other half might get a little possessive over you. He knows you’re ours and that you’re fighting to keep your distance from us. He’s also far more insistent and forceful than I am.”

“I can handle your bear. I’m rather insistent and forceful myself. Shift. Show me your other half.”

“Of course, and by the way”—he winked at her—“demanding I show you my other half is a very mate thing to demand.” He stepped back and shifted, bright lights bursting a myriad of sparks before one very large bear with silky black fur reared up onto its hind legs in the water and roared. He came back down, his paws slapping against the stone ledge either side of her, his teeth sharp and snapping together.

“Calm down.” She wriggled back, her back coming up hard against the slick stone wall and her heartbeat racing. Nowhere else could she move to get away from him.


Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU.

Also available at: Nook, iBooks, Kobo

Paperback: Amazon

Thank you for joining me for this release day. Happy Reading.

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