Hot Cover Reveal – HIGHLANDER’S SWORD.

I’m so excited to be sharing the new cover for Highlander’s Sword with you. This new release is available for Pre-Order on Amazon, so you can order your copy and it’ll be delivered automatically to your ereader on January 28th, 2016.

Year 1210, Scottish Highlands. Annella’s destiny is set, to find the man who captured her father and brother, only to do so she needs the aid of her rugged warrior-shifter mate from the future—a man she’s promised to leave behind.


Clan Matheson, Book Three


16 Highlander's_Sword_#3

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There can be only one…for both of them.

Year 1210, Scottish Highlands.

Annella, the fae-blooded daughter of a warrior, holds the spirit-walker ability. With her fae skill, she has only one goal, to find the man who captured her father and brother and seek retribution. The last thing she expects though is to connect within her dreams with an infuriatingly rugged Highlander of shifter blood who lives over eight-hundred years in the future. Her destiny is set, to free her nearest and dearest, not to lure the warrior from the future back into her time.

Highland warrior shifter Alec Matheson meets the most intriguing lass who visits him in his dreams, a woman who also poses the greatest challenge. His soul bound mate has come to him during her greatest time of need, and now he must travel back through time to aid her. His lithe, golden-haired enchantress wears lad’s clothing and is swift with the sword and trained in all manner of warfare. She is also nothing like he expects, yet everything he has ever desired.

Determined to bind his mysterious chosen one to him, he must first make certain they both survive her perilous mission. Seeking retribution could ensure their death, or unite their spirited souls. Let the battle for love begin.


Thank you so much for joining me today.

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