Paperback! Paperback! Paperback!

All Books in Paperback.

Hello my friends,

So often I’m asked the lovely question, “Are your books out in paperback, Joanne?”  The answer is, “Yes, they are.” Which I’m so thrilled about.

Then I’m next asked, “Where can I grab my copy?” The answer is, “That would be Amazon, B&N, and anywhere else where you can buy paperback books online, including libraries and all other online distribution channels.”

In order to aid all those readers after a adventure-filled read in paperback, I decided to showcase the AMAZON paperback links for all my books in one nice and helpful blog post. So, if you’d like to grab yourself a paperback copy, you can do so right here, while also taking advantage of Amazon’s free postage on orders $35 and over.



Highlander’s Desire, #1 (Paperback): Amazon

Highlander’s Passion, #2 (Paperback): Amazon

Highlander’s Seduction, #3 (Paperback): Amazon (Coming Sep)



HighlanderHeat_Graphic 1.2

Highlander’s Castle, #1 (Paperback): Amazon

Highlander’s Magic, #2 (Paperback): Amazon

Highlander’s Charm, #3 (Paperback): Amazon

Highlander’s Guardian, #4 (Paperback): Amazon

Highlander’s Faerie, #5 (Paperback): Amazon

Highlander’s Champion, #6 (Paperback): Amazon


I wish you all a wonderful week, and happy reading!

~ Joanne