Steamy Hot Highlanders. New Release!

Highlander’s Desire – Release Day

Hello everyone, I have another hot Highlander release for you. Highlander’s Desire is book one in my new historical Scottish time travel series called The Matheson Brothers. Expect fierce warriors, mischievous fae, and sexy shifters.

Julie – Reviewer: “This is going to be one exciting series. This story is full of mystery and hot romance.”

To fulfill the prophecy handed down by her fae ancestor, Isla must first rely on the one man she’s been running from. He is her warrior shifter mate, and he won’t rest until he finds her.

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11 Highlander's_Desire_#1There can be only one…for both of them.

In the twelfth century, a man named Gilleoin was gifted with the ability to shift into a bear. His clan was called Matheson, and when he mated with a woman carrying faerie blood, they created a line shrouded in secrecy, yet still, far into the future, whispers would abound…

For five long years, Isla Matheson has run from the one man her fae ancestor prophesized would be hers, but now her time for running is done. Her shifter mate is closing in and when he captures her and takes her home to his clan, she can no longer deny either of them. She chooses to merge with him in all ways, and in doing so sets a twelfth century prophecy in motion, one that sends her hurtling back through time to when their clan first began.

Highland warrior shifter Iain Matheson has fallen under his mate’s spell. She’s the one woman he would die to protect, and when a portal opens and takes her from him, he dives in after her. He’ll never allow her to escape him, not even when he becomes embroiled in one of the greatest feuds raging at that time.

Now they have a mission, to save their future line from extinction, to give hope to their people, both in the future and the past.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

His chosen one looked ahead along the trail and shivered as the breeze picked up. The wind blew her glossy brown locks about her bare shoulders and caused goose-bumps to rise on her arms.

“Here, allow me warm you up.” Iain shrugged his jacket off and held it up for Isla to slip her arms into. She didn’t hesitate to accept his offering. She pushed her hands into the long sleeves of soft black leather and pulled the front edges of his jacket together, covering the white tank top she wore over her jeans.

“Thank you. I wasn’t expecting to go for such a long jaunt this deep into the forest.” She lifted the collar over her nose and breathed deep. “Mmm, you smell good.”

His bear had him leaning in. He buried his nose in her hair, dragged in her sweet vanilla scent. It swirled around and intoxicated him, made him want to pick her up and sling her back over his shoulder all over again. Instead, he gently rubbed her arms then zipped his jacket up and enclosed her completely within its warmth. “Feeling a little less frustrated now?”

“A touch less.” She slanted her head, her gaze questioning. “I have no intention of leaving my clan, even though you’ve found me.”

“Is that why you’ve run from me all these years?”

“My clan’s numbers are dwindling. There are far fewer mated pairs than ever before and when I discovered you weren’t from my clan, I’d never felt such sorrow. I’ve let them down.”

“So by running, you decided our fate before you’d even given me a chance to prove myself.” He stroked a finger under her chin and his bear rumbled in delight at the sheer softness of her skin—so creamy and smooth. “I would never keep you from your kin, Isla, nor do I ever intend to in the future. There must be give and take between mates, and more so between you and I since we come from separate clans.”

“You’re serious?” Her tone held disbelief. “You won’t insist I leave my people to join with you?” She inched closer, touching the tips of her boots to his. Those long legs of hers, encased in dark blue denim, showcased every delectable curve from her pert bottom to her knee-high leather boots that hugged her slim calves.

“That’s right.”

“Then I’m free to go?”

“You’re free to leave whenever you wish, but if you go, then I go with you.”

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Thank you for joining me for this release day.

~ Joanne