Exclusive Excerpt. It’s Release Day for Highlander’s Faerie.

Highlander’s Faerie – Release Day

Hey everyone, what did you all get up to for Christmas? Since it’s the middle of summer in New Zealand, I got to hit the beach and swim off my huge Christmas Day lunch, and now today, I’m celebrating the release of Highlander’s Faerie and sharing an exclusive excerpt. I hope you’ve had an enjoyable Christmas day too.

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5 HighlandersFaerieTraveling through time…for a Highlander.

With her dying breath, Katherine MacLean makes a wish inside a faerie circle, a wish that sends her traveling through time and into the arms of the warrior the fae have bound her soul to. She is the progeny of two great clans, MacLean and MacDonald, but with a vicious feud raging between them, she’s called by the fae to unite and bring about some peace.

Highland warrior John MacDonald holds a piece of Katherine’s soul and only through him can she survive. When Katherine escapes him to the enemy’s land to see to the fae’s mission, everything within him demands he make chase and protect her.

Once Katherine joins her MacLean kin, she discovers her mission is not quite as it seems. Can she find a way to claim the warrior her soul hungers for…without becoming the one who ignites the feud?

Exclusive Excerpt:

“I’m not going to alter the future, John, just provide some relief while keeping it on track. Why else would the fae have given me this mission?”

“I still cannae allow you to step one foot on MacLean land. There will never be peace.” He caressed her sides, roamed down and scooped her bottom. Lifted higher, he pressed his hips against hers. “You’ll do as I say and remain here where you’ll be safe from any harm.”

“You can’t use your strength against me. I’m a twenty-first century woman, and we operate by a whole separate set of rules. Force isn’t one of them.” Katherine seized his thick biceps and held on.

“I would never use force against you, no’ by any means.” He carried her to the bed and laid her across the mattress. Gently, he nudged her knees apart and with his legs between hers, sank down. He covered her mouth with his and kissed her, so sweetly she melted. He was so big and strong and all hers, or at least for this stolen moment in time.

“I love how you kiss me.”

“And I love how you respond.” With painstaking slowness, he grazed a finger along the upper swell of her breasts where her nightrail dipped. “I shouldnae be touching you so, but I cannae help myself.”

“I ache, John, in places I’ve never ached before.” She squeezed her eyes shut and when she opened them, she couldn’t halt her plea. “Kiss me again.”

He kissed her, a deep, devouring kiss that made her heartbeat flutter into a frenzy. “I give you my oath, Katherine. You will always have my protection, my absolute aid and undying loyalty. Dinnae you feel what’s between us?”

“I do, and I want to take more just for myself, but changing the path your future is set on isn’t right. Last night you told me of your desire to take a wife and to have children. I’ll never be that person.”

“You have too much love to give to withhold it.”

“A stolen moment or two is all I can permit.” She cupped his cheeks. “Although I have an admission if you wish to hear it.”

“Speak it. No secrets are permitted between us.”

“During the years of my mother’s illness, both my sister and I spent all our time with her and never bothered delving into a relationship. In the future, women ensure their own protection, and I took care of that in case I ever needed it in place. I can’t fall pregnant, or at least not for the next two months. The precautions I took are ninety-nine percent effective. I had an injection”—she tapped her arm—“right here.”

He frowned and smoothed his fingers over her arm. “I dinnae see how your arm can protect you against what goes on far below.”

“There are incredible medical advances in my time that provide the protection I’m talking about. Believe me, I’m protected.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“That an affair between us is possible, provided it’s a short one.”

“An affair isnae what I’m after.” He lifted himself up, gripped her hands and tugged her to her feet. With a scowl, he picked up his sword and belt. “I have duties to attend to.”

“You’re angry that I’ve asked for an affair?”

“You deserve more than just a toss of your skirts and a hard and fast tumble.” He strode to the door and eyed her. “I’ll send a maid with your bath and a tray then return for you at the midday meal. Be prepared for a swim.”

“I’ll be ready.”

He closed the door and her heart grew heavier as his footfalls trailed away. From the moment she’d fallen through the veil and into his arms, their connection had fused and only deepened in the weeks that had followed. Opening up to him last night about her nightmares had been inevitable. Her trust in him was absolute, although she couldn’t offer him any more than a simple affair.

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I wish you a safe and wonderful week.

~ Joanne