Yay, it’s here! Cover Reveal for HIGHLANDER’S CHARM.

I’ve been waiting eagerly to show you this cover.


Highlander Heat, Book Three



Coming September 11th, 2014 

Available for Pre-Order at: Amazon Kindle



Traveling through time…for a Highlander.

Lila MacIan makes a wish upon a sixteenth century charm gifted to her by her missing grandmother, a wish that sends her traveling back into the past and to a warrior her charm has bound her to. With a vicious feud raging between the clans, she withholds her true identity from him, except he’s seen her grandmother and now she must do whatever it takes to find her.

Highland warrior Calum MacLean is bound to a woman who holds an identical charm to his. Visions assail him, of the two of them intimately together, and as Lila escapes him for the enemy’s land, his soul demands he protect and aid her.

Once Lila is reunited with her grandmother, she discovers she was born in the past to the MacIan laird, Calum’s arch enemy. Can she find a way to save the man her soul cries out for…set her past to rights and remain in her true time?



At the cave, Calum knelt and rested his cheek near Lila’s lips. Her breath fluttered across his skin and relief poured through him. If he’d been any later in finding her, he’d have lost her.

Quickly, he dug a small pit in the sandy dirt. He pulled the stringy bark off a log, struck flint with his dirk, and coaxed the sparks to life. He built the fire into a crackling blaze with the twigs and wood.

“Mmm, Calum.” She wriggled and stretched.

“Aye, I’m here.” He spread his spare plaid closer to the heat of the flames, scooped her up and laid her in front of him. With his body curved around hers, he tried to share as much of his own heat as he could.

“That’s good. Sooo good.”

“You should have remained at Duart.” He tucked a lock of her black hair behind her ear then wiped grit from her cheeks and chin.

“Sorry, what? Did you get the hot chocolate?”

“You’re teasing me?” Aye, she was, going by the mischievous tilt to her lips. “What is this hot chocolate you speak of?”

“You have to try it. You take chocolate powder and stir it into frothy milk then toss a big gooey marshmallow on top. Delicious. The waitress at my local coffee shop makes the best ones.” She pushed her hands from the confines of his tartan and wiggled her fingers before the flames. “After I fell into the stream I thought Nanna was here, or I was back home, or something. Remind me to never drink icy water on an empty stomach again.”

“What I’ll do is never allow you to swim in the loch again.”

 She squirmed around. “I couldn’t stay at Duart, not when I have to get to Ardnamurchan.”

“Margaret told me where you’d gone. Why do you believe your grandmother left for MacIan’s territory?”

“If I told you, you’d get angry, and right when I want to show you some appreciation for saving my life.” Her silver eyes lit. “Want to know how?”

“By showing me your heart shaped mole?” Nay, he shouldn’t encourage her. She needed to rest.

“I missed you, Calum.” She leaned in and kissed him. “After I swam away, I felt as if I’d left part of me behind. Each mile dragged.”

“You willnae leave me again.” He brushed his lips across hers, wanting desperately to imbibe further and drink in her sweet taste. An urge to show her exactly how much he’d missed her burned through him. Aye, this was their cave, the one where he would—damn it, she was still weak and needed to conserve her strength.

“That mole on my belly”—she melted against him—“I want you to see it. Can you help me take this wetsuit off? I want to feel more of the fire’s heat on my skin.”

“I—I set the snare.”

“Then I’d say it caught me.” Her sweet mouth lifted and he traced her plump lower lip.

No more. He had to get out of here. He shot to his feet and dived out of the cave.

“Hey, where are you going? That’s not the kind of snare I meant, mister.”

“I’ll return with food,” he called back. “If you wish to change, there’s clothing in the sack Margaret packed for you.”

Her sigh followed him into the dark as he marched on.


Available for Pre-Order at: Amazon Kindle


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