Seven Random Facts About Me

The lovely Cd Brennan honored me with the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. She has two fabulous new adult romances available through Kensington Books, and if you’d like to check out her snazzy covers, pop on over to her website. Thank you Cd for thinking of me.

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In accepting, I am required to:

  • Link back to the person who nominated me for the award.
  • Display the Very Inspiring Blogger Award logo.
  • Reveal 7 things about myself. (This will be interesting. I hope.)
  • Nominate others to receive the award and continue the fun.

Here are my seven random facts:

  1. My mother insists I was born a month overdue, yet I find that incredibly hard to believe since I’m super-fanatical about getting to where I should be on time.
  2. When I was a young child, I played with piglets because we owned a piggery. I used to feed the youngest in the litter with a bottle, which is way cool.
  3. I did not pass my high school English exam, yet today I write bestselling books. So ironic. 🙂
  4. When not writing, I work as an accountant part-time, and thankfully, I passed those exams.
  5. I don’t like peas. I used to hide those suckers under the mashed potato when I was a kid since my mother never worried if I didn’t finish that all off.
  6. My father (a farmer at the time) chopped a chicken head off in front of me when I was ten, because he said the chicken was supposedly on its last legs and wouldn’t survive the night. I’m still traumatized by that experience today. They can run for some time without all their parts, and that chicken’s legs worked just fine.
    This could be why I’m a vegetarian today.
  7. I love being a Mum. Best job ever. I’ve also never made my kiddies eat peas, or dissected animals in front of them.

To pass on the award, I nominate the lovely and talented:

Jessi Gage

Gemma Brocato

Rhenna Morgan

Hope you’re all having a fantastic week. Feel free to leave a comment. I looove those!


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