HIGHLANDER’S MAGIC — My Newest Release. Historical Highlander Romance.


Hey everyone, thanks so much for joining me today. I couldn’t be more excited to bring you both a cover reveal and a book release in one. I can’t believe HIGHLANDER’S MAGIC is now available. Highlander’s Captive and Highlander’s Castle have led the way in this series, and the next to release will be Highlander’s Charm later this year.

I also want to take a moment to thank all of you who’ve bought copies of the first two books in this series. Because of you, this Highlander Heat line is still rocking the bestsellers chart. I hope you enjoy this story just as much.

Here’s the swishy cover, complete with a sizzling hot Highlander.




Traveling through time…for a Highlander.

Wearing the four-hundred-year-old amulet she inherited, Marie MacLean enters a faerie circle near the ruins of Dunyvaig Castle. A veil rises. A warrior from the past makes a wish to win the war against the Chief of MacLean, and as the veil thins, she falls through into his time.

Highland warrior Archie MacDonald has been gifted a faerie who insists she’s from the future and the progeny of both his and his enemy’s clan. The last thing he expects is for her to stir him on a level he’s never experienced before. All he needs is her aid in the war, no matter where she believes she’s from.

Determined to keep history on course, Marie enters the crux of the battle. She must ensure the MacLean chief who has yet to father her paternal line isn’t killed, and all without perishing herself. Can Archie see past his need for revenge before he kills his enemy? If he wishes to save the woman who’s crossed centuries to be by his side, he must.

A Historical Highlander Romance 

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Here’s a tantalizing excerpt.


“I see your imagination still runs rife.” The fae loved to play their games and this lass was no different. Tempting, enchanting, and his to care for. Archie had taken on quite the task, but thus far, enjoyable.


“Or it could be the truth if you would but see it.” Marie slowly circled him, running her finger along his skin at the waist of his trews. “Where I come from, man no longer travels by horse, but within large steel contraptions that roll on wheels. Although do you want to hear something truly wicked?”


“Nay.” His thoughts were bad enough.


“Boats are made of steel, and they don’t simply sail across the sea, but also cruise the depths below. They’re called submarines, and they’re fully enclosed.”


“Now I know you lie.” Although seductively. Such travel would allow one to sneak up on their enemy. He liked.


“And what if I’m telling the truth?” She sidled around until they stood face to face. “Ask me a question, anything you’d like.”


“How do these submarines rise from the depths? The concept is intriguing, albeit impossible.”


“They have tanks which draw water in to allow them to fall below the waterline, and once it’s time to go up, engines pump the water back out. Engines you won’t see for hundreds of years.” She trailed a finger down the center of his chest. “My thoughts are still wandering.”


“You play with fire, my faerie.” He captured her hands and draped them around his neck. “I like it too much.”


“And you’re a challenge, one which I like too much.”


“Do you wish to test the waters between us? Dare me and we shall.” Aye, he was up for a dare, and he hoped she was too.



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