#Prizes – Ebook Bundle Prize Pack, and Jewellery – It’s Magical May


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A fabulous prize pack has been put together by the wonderful Kensington Books/Lyrical Press authors I released with earlier this month. If you’d like to enter our wicked draw, then please check out the rafflecopter giveaway further on in this post. One lucky winner will receive a bundle pack of all five ebooks displayed in the picture below. The romance stories on offer range from historical, western historical, paranormal, contemporary and new adult fantasy. I also have a personal Jewellery Prize up for grabs (running for the month of May,) and to enter all you have to do is leave a comment to go into the draw.

Here’s a new excerpt from Enchanter for you:

“I can’t believe I did that.” I stole another look at the floorboards I’d warped with my burgeoning fire skill.


“I can’t believe you ’pathed me.” Guy smiled and nuzzled my hair.


“What are you doing?” Butterflies abounded in my belly. “I mean, don’t do that.”


“Mmm, you smell like sunshine, and your hair, it’s a living flame with these strands of gold ablaze within the red.”


“It’s too curly.”


“I like curly.”


“We’re getting rather close, Guy.”


“Close is dangerous.” He pulled back and looked into my eyes. “Sorry, gotta kiss you. Now.”


His mouth stole over mine and whatever thoughts I had scattered, except for one. I wanted this kiss as much as he did. This moment couldn’t be denied, so I kissed him as deeply as he kissed me. I stroked his silky black hair. “We should have done this sooner,” I mumbled against his lips. “So good.”


“Hell, yes.” He deepened our kiss.


I was lost in the sweet taste of him. My heart soared and my soul called to his. More. He was my mate, and it wasn’t a bond to be broken. Except, damn it, we had.


“We should stop,” he growled as he pulled away.


“Absolutely. What were you thinking?” Unable to help myself, I traced his full lips with a finger.


For my own personal prize, leave a comment for a chance to win a New Zealand Paua Shell Kiwi Pendant Earring Set.

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Buy ENCHANTER (Magio-Earth #3): Amazon Kindle / B&N Nook / Kensington Publishing iTunes / Kobo



Breaking News:

I just heard about this. PROTECTOR is on sale for a limited time. This is the enthralling first book in the Magio-Earth series.


Buy PROTECTOR (Magio-Earth, #1) : Amazon Kindle / B&N Nook / Kensington Publishing iTunes / Kobo


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Thank you for joining me in this Magical May Blog Hop to celebrate Enchanter’s release. 🙂


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  1. Joanne, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed Enchanter. Congratulations on releasing an excellent novel and best wishes. I’m glad to be in such good company.

    1. only fair to share, the more the merrier. Others should enjoy your works, and not just take my word for it.)) Wish you great success. Fan for life.)))

  2. You have such a wonderful voice, Miss Joanne. Congrats on your latest release. Am just making my way around to all you talented ladies in the blog hop for the May releases. All the best! xo

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