Highlander’s Castle – Exclusive Excerpt.


Highlander Heat, #1

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I’m bringing you an exclusive excerpt today from Highlander’s Castle which released a month ago. I hope you enjoy.

Exclusive Excerpt:

Like an ethereal vision, Anne glided toward Alex. She reached him and he couldn’t help fingering her waist length locks. Even the sun’s rays feasted on her, setting her white-gold hair ablaze.

Damn. How would he keep his hands off her when she looked this edible? “You look…bonnie.”

“Thank you.” Her sapphire eyes burst with brightness. “You’ve washed up well yourself.”

Edible and delightful. He was in a world of trouble. He turned to his brother. “Do you have our plaid?”

“Aye, here.” James unraveled a strip of MacDonald tartan.

“Good.” This was it. The moment he’d not wished for, but now strangely did. He clasped his right hand with Anne’s right, and his left hand with her left then took a long, steadying breath. He looked into her eyes. She would be his wife, soon.

“It’ll be all right.” She squeezed his fingers. “This is meant to be. I wouldn’t be here otherwise.”

’Twas as if she spoke to his heart. “James will wrap the plaid around our hands and bind us together.” He nodded at his brother and James tightened the strap around their joined hands. The symbolic gesture had his pulse racing. Nay, this was simply a handfast, which was real enough, but that’s all. There would be no marriage in a year’s time.


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    2. Great, that was the intent and for others to be informed of your talent and influence.))))) Have a great day and weekend.

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