Yay! Here’s the Cover Reveal for ENCHANTER, Magio-Earth Book Three. Releasing Soon.

I’ve been waiting eagerly to show you this cover.


Magio-Earth Book Three

Coming May 5th, 2014

With Kensington Books, Lyrical Press Imprint.



To love and protect…across worlds.

On planet Magio war rages between Peacio’s protectors and Dralion’s warriors. Friendships and soul-bonds are forbidden, yet deadly secrets lurk within a high-ranking inner circle.

Eighteen-year-old Peacian Silvie Carver’s worst problem is completing finals until her best friend receives forewarning that Silvie is the key to keeping her enemy king from making a decision that will escalate the war. Silvie must save her loved ones’ soul-bonds from being torn apart, and all without revealing her emerging and rare fire skill during the mission.

Dralion warrior and enchanter, Guy Moyer, has been fighting his soul’s demand to find his mated one…who also happens to be his enemy. Except Silvie shows up on Dralion’s off-world Australian Outback station and though they renounce their bond, his soul demands he aid and protect her.

When Silvie finds herself impersonating a warrior, she’s pulled to the fiery edge of her control as she seeks to influence the king’s decision. Can the mated pair turn the tide of the war and find their place with each other?


In ENCHANTER, the heroine Silvie, is Faith’s best friend and the sister of Hope’s soul-mate. Silvie featured regularly in book one and two, and I couldn’t wait to write her story. I knew exactly what I’d be putting her through, and that she’d be more than ready for every challenge I threw at her. Silvie learns she is not only mated to a warrior enchanter, but holds the most deadly of the battle skills.

I also have some fabulous news for fans of this series. I’ve been waiting for Protector and Warrior to re-release with Kensington Books/Lyrical Press Imprint. After two months, the first two books in this series have hit the market again. Here are the covers, and below the buy links. If you haven’t had a chance to try out this series, give it a go. This is fast-paced adventure, and all packed with sweet romance that has you gunning for these characters to work things out. Each book is stand-alone, so start anywhere you like.

Feel free to click the picture for the AMAZON buy link. The KOBO buy link is also below. (PS: These books will be available wherever ebooks are sold, including B&N and iTunes, but will take another 7 days to show.)

Magio Earth Series
Magio-Earth Series
Magio-Earth Series

Witness Pursuit has also re-released with Kensington Books/Lyrical Press Imprint, and the same applies as above.

Bodyguards Series
Witness Pursuit



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These books below are available on Amazon, but will be up on B&N, iTunes and Kobo within the next 7-10 days.

Buy WITNESS PURSUIT (Bodyguards #1) at: Amazon Kindle / B&N Nook / iTunes / Kobo

Buy WARRIOR (Magio-Earth #2) at: Amazon Kindle / B&N Nook / iTunes / Kobo

Buy PROTECTOR (Magio-Earth #1) at: Amazon Kindle / B&N Nook / iTunes / Kobo

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9 thoughts on “Yay! Here’s the Cover Reveal for ENCHANTER, Magio-Earth Book Three. Releasing Soon.

    1. Thanks, Cd. Since Silvie had the fire skill, I particularly asked for a gold spark in her eyes, then I hoped that wouldn’t look strange. I’m hoping that others will see from this cover, that they’re going to read about a magical world where anything goes. 🙂 Fingers tightly crossed.

  1. OH I love it, Joanne!!! Great cover, you must be stoked!! what a great way to fill out the series 😀 and we are officially official release day buddies! I can’t wait for May 5th!!!

    1. Thanks, Calisa. Yes the first two covers are more black and white. The two heroines on the covers of those are actually twins, which is why they’re so similar. The third cover (Hunter) is brown and gold, and this one much warmer with the pink and gold.

      I hope the terrible winter weather you’ve had is starting to ease off. I’m thinking of you all over there in the USA.

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