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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Interestingly, we actually have a saint, a priest from Rome known as Valentinus, to thank for Valentine’s Day. Back in the day, and I’m talking around the fifth century, Valentinus was a bit of a rebel. The Roman Emperor Claudius II didn’t believe married men would make good soldiers, and he banned his top guns from getting hitched, but Valentinus was sneaky.

This saint, with his amethyst ring engraved with the cupid symbol, performed marriages for those soldiers who wished them. Then to remind them to remain faithful to their wives when out celebrating a winning battle, he cut heart shapes from parchment and gifted them to them.

So, what does Valentine’s Day mean to you? Do you go all out and present flowers? Buy chocolates or send a card? For me, I love to give heart-shaped chocolates wrapped in red foil to my closest. Just love it.

To continue spreading some yummy sweetness, I’m going to share a new snippet from HIGHLANDER’S CAPTIVE, one in which the hero has just captured his heroine and stolen her away. I’d also like to thank everyone who’s bought a copy. Highlander’s Captive has shot into Amazon’s Bestsellers Charts in the UK and the US. During the past month since release, this novella has made the #1 slot within the Scottish Medieval Romances and Historical categories several times. I’m simply buzzing.


Wind whipped through Ivor’s shoulder-length hair, drying it into a rakish look. As he held the ropes, his biceps bulged and his every muscle strained to control the wind power he’d harnessed in the skiff’s tight sail.

Oh, Julia should turn her gaze away. Only, so impressive. A warrior of great strength.

Mayhap she should enjoy this since she didn’t have a choice. She’d certainly never ridden in a boat moving at such speed that ’twas half out of the water. Awed by his ability, she peeked over his arm. The coastline was but a blur. Her heart near jumped out of her chest and she clutched him tighter. “How fast are we going?”

“Faster than usual, but the crosswinds will ease off soon.”

Plastered against the hard planes of his body, she almost hoped they didn’t. She smiled and lifted her face to the sky, allowing the moment to expand. This was life, and far more interesting than the confines of Dunvegan Castle, not that she’d ever tell Ivor that.

She might be his captive, but not for long.

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But that’s not all… In addition to my personal prize for this hop, there are some fabulous blog tour prizes up for grabs. The grand prize will be a Kindle Paperwhite and a digital new adult romance basket. Also every comment in the hop will count as an entry toward this prize. Just let me know what your favorite Valentine’s Day gift has been. I’d love to hear about it. (But don’t make me too jealous.)


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39 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day Blog Hop – PRIZES and #GIVEAWAY

  1. My husband and I don’t exchange Valentine’s-specific gifts, but one I never turn down is a massage. Find a man with good hands, and you’ll never again have sore muscles. 🙂

    Congrats on the novella’s success, Joanne!

  2. At our house there is usually a dinner, but this year, I’m on a diet, so that might be out. My husband has been forbidden from bringing chocolate into the house. He usually brings flowers. I try to do extra little things for him to make the day special too, like take out the trash or vacuum. What can I say, he likes to do that – it has a motor. 🙂

  3. Thanks Joanne for that tidbit of history – I didn’t know that! Now, I’m going to tell everyone, including my hubby who thinks it is a Halmark holiday and won’t participate. LOL
    I love your cover to Highlander’s Captive and would love to read it! xo

  4. Amazing snippet! 🙂 Well, though it may seem weird, I happen not having celebrated valentine’s day so far. I hope I will soon. 🙂
    Thank you for your giveaway and for being part of this hop. 😉

  5. My favorite Valentine’s Day gift? That was nearly 30 years ago–it was a used car, and the first car that I ever owned.

  6. I don’t think I have a favorite Valentine’s story, but last year the man took me, our two teenagers and our ‘adopted’ daughter (the oldest’s best friend whom we adore and just fits in with the family as if she was actually one of ours) out to dinner at a popular Mexican restaurant. Nothing fancy, nothing special, but it was just one of those days everyone was happy and laughing,and went to bed smiling.

  7. Julia is wrapped up tight – maybe they will end up being each other’s prisoners. 🙂 Great excerpt!

  8. for my husband and i, we don’t consider this a high pressure day. we might get each other a small gift, we might not. we definitely go out to eat somewhere, but doesn’t need to be a fancy place. nice to try somewhere new, but really it’s just the time we spend together that matters to us

  9. Hi! Happy Valentines! I dont really have a favorite memory. I dont really celebrate this holiday. Thank you for sharing and for ​the amazing giveaway!

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