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Today I’m chatting about all things Scottish in celebration of Burns’ Night. January is a cold month in Scotland, and to remain cheerful, on January 25th the Scottish celebrate the poetry of their bard, Robert Burns. They pipe in the haggis, which traditionally means the chef carries it in while the piper plays an appropriate tune. The haggis is sliced open with the finely honed edge of a ceremonial dirk (though any old knife will apparently do.) Then the meal is served with copious amounts of whisky, allowing the festivities to flow. They consider the life of the man behind the poems, they make toasts, recite poetry, and sing and dance. After all this revelry, they stagger home with their bellies full, hearts renewed, and the knowledge that they only have another eleven months of rain to go in the year. 🙂 Yep, the Scottish are delightfully cheery on this night.

To continue spreading this cheeriness, I’m going to share a sexy snippet from HIGHLANDER’S CAPTIVE, one which should heat you up and curl your toes.


The urge to lay Julia across the bench of his skiff and make her his infused every inch of Ivor’s body. He kissed her, and her soft moans incited his need to strip her and ravish her senseless.

He should have his hand on the rudder and staying their course, not sliding his fingers along the silky flesh of her calves in an attempt to lift her skirts. She deserved more. A bed for starters, and following that, a night of endless pleasure.

“We should stop.” At least he hadn’t beached his boat in the dark.

“Not yet.” She clutched his head and brought his mouth to hers. Her hungry kiss shot craving to his groin.

“Any more and I’ll never stop.” He lowered his mouth to her neck and sucked on her skin. Hell, her breasts heaved within the tight confines of her bodice. Bad move. He needed to divert his gaze.

“Touch me,” she whispered.

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8 thoughts on “A Scottish Burns’ Night Blog Hop – PRIZES and #GIVEAWAY

  1. Highlanders Captive little excerpt tease had me craving for more – I’m like forget kissing her, kiss me – LOL That cover is delicious too, got me all melty. LOL Lifting my Dram up to give a toast to Burns and his inspiration. May his naughty poems continue to inspire the desire and humor in everyday life.

  2. The Scots must be true romantics in that they all celebrate the birthday of a poet. We don’t do that in the US! I think it’s a great thing to celebrate.

  3. Thank you for participating in this blog tour, Joanne. I’m very glad I’ve been hopping around because I got to “meet” you for the first time. I purchased your steamy Highlander’s Captive too! 🙂 I also joined your newsletter and blog. jdh2690@gmail.com

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