What Is Up With Those Dreams?

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So cute. 🙂

I’m going to need to do some research on dreams and figure out why we have them. Some make absolutely no sense at all. You know those ones, right? You wake up in the morning completely sweating over the horrifying dream you’ve just had. It felt so real, and once awake, it takes you a minute or two to realize you’ve just been dreaming.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I can feel almost every emotion when I’m dreaming, from anger to delight, from calm to complete frustration. Never though do I get utterly bewildered about what’s happening in the dream. I don’t think to myself, how can this be happening? Wake up. This is not real. Yeah, it’d sure be nice if I did. Anyone else with me on that?

Yep, there can certainly be some strange things going on in our dreams. Say a giant neon green pig the size of a horse is chasing you through a car park. Suddenly it grabs you with its super-elasticated front legs, and then decides to…well, who knows what comes next. But, usually whatever the strange thing going on is, you don’t consciously think it can’t be real. It’s so real in the moment, even if it’s totally preposterous. Those are the dreams I’m wondering why we have.

And yet another pet peeve with those dreams, is usually ten minutes after waking up from a doozy of one, you go to tell your nearest and dearest about what just happened, and you know what? For the life of you, you simply can’t remember what that stupid dream was all about.

So frustrating. Why on earth do they just turn up out of the blue, and then vanish on the wind?

Anyone have an answer?

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6 thoughts on “What Is Up With Those Dreams?

  1. I have those dreams from time to time. Harness them if you can. Keep a pen & paper by your bed, write them down and use them in one of your books. That’s what I do. A dream catcher also helps to ward off the worst of the dreams. When it becomes full, allowing bad dreams to enter your head again, cleanse it by burning incense under it.

  2. I can totally relate! It’s maddening when I can’t remember exactly what happened. Have you ever dreamt in color? It happens to me often. I’ve woken up angry at my hubby, bawling my eyes out or laughing out loud, only to realize is been dreaming.

    1. Hey Jo, my dreams are in color. I think that might be where the neon green pig came from. LOL. Like you, I’ve woken up angry, bawling my eyes out, and laughing. I’m so glad I’m not the only one.

      My hubby actually had a dream last year and woke up angry at me. I was in the dog-box for the whole day, and all over something I hadn’t done. 🙂 Strangely he still recalls that dream, and likes to remind of what I didn’t do on occasion. I have to keep reminding him it never happened. 🙂 Funny.

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