I’m On The Edge of My Seat. It’s The 34th America’s Cup.

There’s been some amazing racing during this 34th America’s Cup held at San Francisco these past few weeks. It’s the greatest sailing match in the world, founded in 1851, and one that lays claim to the oldest active trophy in international sport. Check out the pic. It’s one gorgeous cup, and there in the foreground, the two skippers, Jimmy Spithill from Oracle Team USA on the left, and Dean Barker from Emirates Team NZ on the right, both teams vying for the cup right now.

america's cup4

So why am I chatting about the America’s Cup today? That’s an easy answer. Team NZ are up 7, to Team USA’s 1. And yep, I’m a Kiwi and gotta support our boys.

We’re nothing if not competitive Down Under. We sit here with a huge ocean to sail around in, and we’d love to bring the America’s Cup back to our shores.

In 1995 New Zealand first won the cup, and held onto it for the next eight years through to 2003.

In 2007 we went after the cup again and during the challenger series, won the Louis Vuitton Cup, although Alinghi successfully defended the America’s Cup 5-2 to keep it in their hands.

Now, it’s 2013, and our Kiwi boys are back. We’ve taken out the Louis Vuitton Cup again, and now challenging Oracle Team USA. The winner of this cup needs to take out 9 of the 17 races, and oh boy, we are so, so close.

Can Team NZ do it? I’ll certainly be glued to the TV for the next lot of races.

Anyone else on the edge of their seats as well? Enjoy these pics. I love seeing the boats go up on their foils.

america's cup2

america's cup3

A revolutionary change to sailing. Wicked.

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6 thoughts on “I’m On The Edge of My Seat. It’s The 34th America’s Cup.

  1. Didn’t a Maori smash the cup one year? Yep, just looked it up. in 1997.
    America’s Cup Is `Virtually Destroyed’ — Maori Protester Smashes Trophy With Sledgehammer

    So the race is the oldest, not so sure about the trophy.

    1. You’re right, the cup was badly damaged on March 14th 1997 by a man known as Benjamin Nathan. He was arrested, convicted and jailed. The damage was so severe it was feared the cup was irreparable. But London’s Garrards Silversmith’s, who had manufactured the cup in 1848, painstakingly restored the trophy to it’s original condition over a three month period. All was well again, and the cup then kept in an even more highly strengthened case. The only new materials used on the cup by the silversmith’s were to the base where an additional 20cm was added to allow for the names of future winners to be recorded. 🙂 Love the comment, Liza. 🙂

      Did you see this today’s race? Shoot. I almost had a heart attack with the near capsize. It’ll probably take me a day or two to get over that.

      The race is definitely on. Anything can happen. Anything.

  2. I saw the cup when it was stashed in that waterfront museum in Auckland – looks like it’ll be there again soon enough, though we shouldn’t be smug. Today’s adventures show how quickly defeat can be snatched from the jaws of victory, especially with yachting.

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