When Your Book Releases in Time For Your Birthday — Yay!


What a wicked birthday present I just got. Certainly every writer’s dream. WARRIOR is set to release next Monday, but it has arrived early, and right in time for my birthday today. Yay! It’s out now wherever e-books are sold, and I’ll be sure to drop those links in for you later in the post.

First though, I’ve never brought out a full length excerpt from WARRIOR, so I’m going to rectify that today. Also, here’s what a few of the reviewers have said about WARRIOR. I’m just beaming over these.


“Imaginative world-building, stunning setting & a love fated to be.” — Jessi Gage, Author

“I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.” — The Jeep Diva, Reviewer

“I’m loving this series! So different and cool, and I just loved Silas and Hope’s relationship.” — Holly Underhill, YA/NA Reviewer


Here’s the excerpt I promised.


Silas extinguished the lamp, and moonlight filtered through the tiny square window. He rolled to his side, facing me. “We’ll stay close. I can’t dismiss the mated bond. Our souls call to one another and it’s strong.”

I felt it too.

“I can’t keep my distance from you, Hope. That would result in your death.”

“Yeah, but yours would result if my grandfather, Donaldo, ever found out about you. The need to protect goes both ways.”

A low growl rumbled from his throat. “It sounds like you’re arguing with me.”

“I’m pointing out the facts. Alexo keeps the knowledge of Faith’s relationship with Loveria a secret.”

“We don’t have their kind of relationship.”

“So this is a non-relationship?” I smiled. That actually suited me.


“Okay, honey. I got it.”

He pulled me to him. “I have no idea why, but I like you. You have a smart mouth.”

I snuggled closer, resting my cheek against his chest. “Mmm-hmm. So do you.”

He let out a slow breath and it fanned over the top of my head. “I still want to kiss you.”

“Hell, no.” I grinned to myself.

“Are you repeating my earlier words?”

“Yes, I am.” He rolled me, coming up over top. My heart raced. “Don’t–”

His kiss was potent as he claimed my mouth.

I had no response. I was lost, hypnotized as we shared breath and a moment more special than any in time.

He cupped my face in his hands and stroked my cheeks, his thoughts escaping for the first time.

I read them so clearly within the merge.

He wanted this moment to last.

My heart soared and my soul called to his on the deepest level. “We are in a world of trouble,” I murmured against his lips.

His hold tightened, intoxicating me. Then he eased away an inch, maybe two. “You have the most beautiful spun-gold hair. It catches even the moonlight and glows like silk.”

I cleared my throat. “I know I just said trouble. You should stick to your side of the bed in this non-relationship.”

A wicked grin widened his mouth. “I could drown in the brilliant violet of your eyes.”

“Do I need to slap your face?”

He laughed. “Yes.”

I pushed him away, trying to get my heartbeat to slow. “Go away.”

He rolled into me, held me close. “I’ll be good. Just keeping you warm. It’s my right.”

I curled up, squeezing my eyes shut. “I can’t believe I’m sharing a bed with you. Do you snore?”

“Terribly. I’m also a bed-hog.”

I heard the partial lie, but to which half of that statement? “Hmm, since I’m squished between you and the wall, I’m picking you’re a bed-hog.”

“You feel all warm and soft. I’m not going anywhere.” He nuzzled my hair and yawned. “Go to sleep. You’ll need your rest if you want to be on your toes tomorrow.”

I didn’t doubt it. The minutes ticked by, and I slowly relaxed. My soul-bound mate lay beside me. For one night, or perhaps for more? I had no idea.

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Thank you all for helping me celebrate the release of WARRIOR. Thank you. Thank you. 🙂

Have a great week, everyone.


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  1. OMG!!!! I can’t believe that Warrior is finally coming out! I remember when I first saw Protector at the library and I’ve checked it out bunches of times!

  2. Congrats and Happy Birthday, Joanne! I’m doing the happy dance for you 🙂 I’ve already grabbed my copy of WARRIOR from Amazon and am looking forward to reading it. Wishing you an awesome day!!

  3. OMG, I just finished Warrior and it was FANTASTIC!!! You have a gift for writing. Happy birthday!

  4. Happy birthday, Joanne. The book sounds amazing and isn’t it lovely to get an early birthday gift. Congrats, now I’m one my way over to buy it and send it to my Kindle.

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