WarriorI was thrilled last week to see my upcoming September 2nd release WARRIOR, take out the SWOON AWARD on a reviewer’s website. She gave PROTECTOR (book one in the series) an honourable mention for its swoony scenes, although here’s what she had to say about WARRIOR (book two)–

Holly Underhill, YA/NA Reviewer — “I’m loving this series! So different and cool, and I just loved Silas’s and Hope’s relationship. 4.5 Stars.”

Her full review will be out on release day, but here’re the two SWOONY EXCERPTS which won the award.


“Missed you. Really missed you.” He kissed me, so fiercely I almost fainted again. He pulled back, a bare inch, his gaze darting all over me. “How do you feel? Your heart’s finally beating right. I’ve been so worried. You won’t ever do that to me again. Do you hear me?”

I flicked out my hands as they tingled, as blood raced through and returned to them. Even the red patches of sunburn on the backs of my hands healed with my restored skill. I sighed and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Righto, but you deserve some more lip action, and not the telling-off sort.”

No sooner were the words out than he took my breath away with a soul-claiming kiss. So hot. His need swirled through me as I dug my mind deeper into my sweet spot.

Oh, I was not leaving his mind, or his mouth.

He stroked along my shoulders, down my sides and over my hips.

My heart raced.


Silas’s sword clattered to the ground as he rolled off the couch and stared at me. Then he was no longer there. He ’ported the ten feet then wrapped his arms around me like bands of steel. “Are you real?”

Cupping his face in my hands, I grinned. “Kiss me and find out.”

Pushing me against the wall at my back, he did, or devoured was more like it.

I couldn’t think straight, and in that instant I didn’t care. I wanted him and only him.

Oh sweet heaven. More.

“We need privacy.” I clutched his shirtfront, my world spinning. “Bedroom. Now.”


I hope you enjoyed that. I can’t wait for WARRIOR to release.


I’ve got an exciting project underway. I’ve written a novella in my historical HIGHLANDER HEAT line which I’m submitting and *fingers crossed* will be accepted and included in an anthology along with some other awesome authors. This anthology will release early November and is compliments of those authors. I can’t divulge who the publisher is, but I can say this collection of short stories will be FREE. Yay. I love FREE. I’ll keep you all posted on this. 🙂

And lastly, more fabulous news. My contemporary romance, WITNESS PURSUIT, has had its release date brought forward by a month, and will now arrive December 2nd. Wow, my hubby and kiddies haven’t been able to peel me off the ceiling this week. I’m floating on cloud nine.

Anyone else had a great week too? I hope you all have. Drop me a comment if you’d like to. I love hearing from you guys.

Stay safe. I’ll catch ya later.


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