Readers Inform. Writers Take Note.

bookwormsI love this. Love it. 🙂

An incredibly interesting survey has just been run by E-book Formatting Fairies. The results were compiled during the month of June, and the results came in on August 1st. The survey focused on readers informing about how they read, what they like, and where they find us.

There were forty-four questions, and although it’s not a scientific survey, I’m certain most writers will come away with some valuable information. I certainly enjoyed the open platform of conversation at the end through the comments section, and was able to garner even more insight. Full survey here.

The first key pointer I took away from this survey would be the importance of an author’s website, blog and Facebook author page. Here’s the actual statement made.

  • Facebook (62 percent) and Author Websites (63 percent) were virtually tied for first when readers were asked where they get their information about their favorite authors. (This was a “choose all that apply” question.) Author newsletters were a distant second at 36 percent. Goodreads scored 27 percent and Twitter 19 percent. Retail sites were next at 18 percent. It’s probably safe to conclude from these results that if you have limited time, it’s best spent on Facebook and keeping up your website.

I couldn’t agree with that statement more. It’s certainly important, as writers, that we use our websites to their full potential. That we have a blog aligned with it and stay connected. Our blog posts should reflect us, what drives us, what keeps us on our toes, what we find is fun. It’s also our place to promote our work, to share excerpts, sneak peeks, and cover reveals.

I treat Facebook in the same way. I connect with those who follow me there by posting bits about me and my work. I love sharing excerpts from books yet to release, and from any current WIP’s. Readers love getting a glimpse into what makes a writer tick. FB is certainly a social platform, where we’re able to engage with our followers and have fun.

The second key pointer I found of importance was.

  • Thirty-five percent have been introduced to new authors via free books more than 20 times. Twenty-one percent have found new authors through free books more than 10 times. If they liked what they read in the free book, 85 percent were extremely likely to buy another book from that author.

Readers love free e-books, and if they like what they read, 85 percent were extremely likely to buy another book from that author. Those are great stats. I don’t know about you, but that’s got me thinking I need to write a novella and offer it for free. I’d love readers to get a taste of my work and see if they like it, and then come back for more.

What about you? Did either of these two key pointers I took away from the survey, get you thinking too?


Also, I asked a couple of weeks ago, if you had a spare minute to vote for PROTECTOR’S cover in the You Gotta Read cover contest. You guys rock, because Protector came away taking 1st place. Yay! Thank you so much. 1st Place. Wicked!

And lastly, I’m going to finish this post with the best news ever. My last completed novel, HIGHLANDER’S CASTLE, a historical Highlander time-travel romance has just gone under contract with Lyrical Press, NY. I loved writing this first book in my HIGHLANDER HEAT SERIES. It’s a powerful story of a twenty-first century woman and her identical ancestor swapping places in time, the young modern woman’s path now colliding with the Highland warrior her ancestor was set to handfast with. Here’s a wee sneak peek (unedited.)

In the bright light of day, the courtyard, part thick with grass and part paved with stone, led to one place. Alex. Her Highlander from another time.

He stood near the center well which was adorned with ivy and bunches of lavender. The castle’s walls rose majestically around him.

He looked incredible. Over an immaculate white silk shirt, his plaid was fastened with a magnificent hand-sized broach depicting warriors at war. He appeared one himself with one hand fisted over the hilt of his side-belted sword.

She licked her lips then lifted her gaze. His jaw was smooth and strongly angled, his chin holding a visible cleft in the center, and his golden gaze was targeted right on her.

I hope you enjoyed. Don’t forget to drop me a comment if you’d like to. I love hearing from you guys.

Stay safe. I’ll catch ya later.


PROTECTOR > BUY THE BOOK: Amazon / Barnes & Noble Lyrical Press / iTunes / Kobo



12 thoughts on “Readers Inform. Writers Take Note.

  1. Ooo, congrats on the new contract, Joanne. Highlander romance and time-travel–I am so there!! Loved the excerpt.

    As for the survey, I saw those results too. I’m planning on doing a short novella to offer for free. They make good introductions to an author’s work!

  2. That’s a great idea- writing a novella and offering it for free! I’m going to have to think about that while my manuscript is at the editors!

  3. Awesome post! Yet more information I’ll take with me on my road to success! Joanne Wadsworth, you are a wonderful mentor and writer idol. I appreciate all your posts and helpful tidbits. You’ve brought me so far. Your blog posts and facebook page are a prime example of what the above post speaks of. You keep your fans engaged. Both your sites show you care about us. We love you!

  4. Great information, Joanne. So important to pay attention to what readers are saying. Thanks! And congratulations on your historical.

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