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To love and protect…across worlds.

There’s something infinitely exciting about writing young adult books, and even better, adding the magical element of fantasy, along with some sensational romance. My Magio-Earth series is all about soul-bound mates, destined to be together, yet separated by the terrible war between their two nations.

Today, I’m participating in “Sneak Peek Sunday,” and that’s where I get to bring you a sneak peek excerpt from WARRIOR which releases on September 2nd. I hope you all enjoy the sneaky excerpt. The rules are, I can only post 6 paragraphs, so here they are below.

To set the scene Hope Wincrest is in the Outback of Australia, her Dralion people’s off-world station. She’s just met her soul-bound mate, Silas, and even though mated to him, she’s just discovered he’s from the enemy nation. Hope has just asked Silas to tell her more about her sister, Faith. She’s never met her, but her father has charged her with discovering all she can about her sister’s deadly skill, and all without coming into contact with her.


He grabbed my shoulders and I shivered at the delicious contact. It was expected, even though unwanted. Silas was my mate, the one my soul was bound to.

“Your sister survived the ordeal by mere minutes upon her return to her mate, Davio. She was gone for three days to Dralion and suffered physically while she was away. She must be in the same room as him to mind-merge, and without this connection, her body shut down. I witnessed the deterioration myself.” His blue gaze held mine, his hands warming my skin. “Her lungs filled with blood and she almost bled to death before my eyes. It was a gruesome sight. Once she merged, it took hours for her fast-healing ability to restore her. I would never wish to witness such a thing again.”

“I can’t imagine all you speak of. Continue, please.”

“When your sister mind-merges with my cousin, it’s not something she can hold back. Other than this, there’s nothing more I can tell you. You should go to your father for more. He is aware.”

Dad would know all of this because of his forethought. His request was not all it seemed. “I need more time to hear what you have to say.”

He stroked to the edges of my shoulders. “No. The mated bond builds fast and we can’t allow that to happen.”


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Have a wonderful, relaxing Sunday everyone.


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      I’m so glad you’re enjoying PROTECTOR. I can’t wait for WARRIOR too. And then the third book in the series ENCHANTER releases May 5th next year. I can barely stand all the excitement. Thanks so much for letting me know. 🙂

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