How Do You Become a Successful Writer?

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Sooo true. 🙂

The most important thing I’ve learnt, is if I want to become a successful writer, there’s one thing I must do.

You’ve probably guessed it, right?

It’s write. Write. Write.

Writing one book won’t bring in the bucks.

Writing two probably won’t either.

Oh, but having three, now that’s usually the turning point.

Yep, I’ve heard a lot of authors, as well as professionals in our industry, say with an author’s third book’s release, comes the change we’re all after — an increase in readership numbers. As writers, that’s what we’re all after. We want our books to be read, for people to enjoy them, to embrace our stories as we have.

So, I’m counting down those days. My second book, WARRIOR, releases in only eight weeks. My third book follows a few months after that, and my fourth, in the first half of next year. And so it shall go on…

Or at least that’s the plan. Within another week I’ll have my fifth novel completed, and I’ve already begun work on my sixth. That’s right. I’m writing. Writing. Writing.

Even my hubby can’t keep up with which book I’m currently talking about when I mention my schedule. He’s like, “Ah, so which one is that? I’m getting lost.”

I jumped up and down the first time he said it, because that means I’m heading in the right direction.

So how about you? How’s your writing going? Perhaps you’re still working on getting to publication? Or maybe you’re there. If so, how many books do you have out? Did that third book see you hit a turning point in an upward direction? Or are you still heading there like I am? I love hearing from you, so drop a comment and let me know.

And lastly, I’d like to announce the winner of “The 4th of July Blog Hop.” That’s Katie Cross. I’ll be getting in touch with you to organise your e-copy of PROTECTOR. Congratulations, Katie.

Have a fabulous week everyone.


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24 thoughts on “How Do You Become a Successful Writer?

  1. Good luck for your books. After the third, definitely the fourth – and so on. This is absolutely the way to do it; writing every day – identifying goals, and creatively going for them. And yes, they do stack. I recall in the 2000s, I managed to sign a three-book contract with Reed (unheard of here in NZ, of course) which had to be added to the other stuff I was doing for them, Penguin and Random House. I got a bit busy. A lot busy, actually. But writers don’t turn down opportunities to write!

    1. That’s great to know after the third, definitely the fourth. Love that.

      Wow, and huge congrats on all your fabulous book deals. What a dream, but also a lot of hard work. Writers really are the busiest people I know, as well as those with the greatest work ethic. *bowing to you*

      Thanks for the comment. It’s truly appreciated.

    2. Thank you. Yes, it was a surprise to me to get ’em – wasn’t going to turn it down! Weirdly, I just retrieved the licenses for most of them – got the rights reversion letter this week. They’ve been out of print a few years and weren’t viable to reprint in today’s market (how times change) but I’ve got options now to find a new publisher in the future.

      Good luck for your own writing – very exciting, and you’ll get used to the book juggling. Par for the course. It’s all good.

  2. …great post, Joanne… am gonna re-blog it, m;Lady… I’m at the halfway point with writing my own third ‘masterpiece’, so I’m right with you on all of this … go break a hundred legs!! ..:))

  3. Reblogged this on Seumas Gallacher and commented:
    …great post, from Author Joanne Wadsworth … am re-bloggging it, because I’m at the halfway point with writing my own third ‘masterpiece’, so I’m right with her on all of this … go break a hundred legs, m’Lady !! ..:))

  4. Excellent post! I would only add that it is important to time the book releases so they are not too far apart. My third book’s release was three years after the second one (the release date was out of my hands, unfortunately) and I didn’t get the bump I would have otherwise, had it been released within 12 months of the second book. Now I am on a schedule of 1-2 books each year and I can definitely see a difference. My 16th will be released this fall, my 17th in the spring of 2014, and my 18th in the fall of 2014. Best of luck with your writing career. Love your blog.

  5. I’ve been told the fifth book is the turning point so I plan to just write and eventually stop counting. LOL I’m working on number three right now with too many other to count on the back burner. Good luck, Joanne!

  6. wooooo, i love this post! I’m always so interested in what it takes to be successful just because I haven’t had my debut release yet so I don’t know what to expect. Congrats on writing all of your books and for your upcoming releases!

    1. The day your debut releases is a-maz-ing. Do you recall how excited you were to get your first contract? Well, multiply that by four (it that’s possible.)

      It’s the most special day, with all your dreams coming true. Your book is finally out there for the world to read, and you’ll be lucky if you can keep your feet on the ground.

      I can’t for your release. I’ll be picking up my copy of it for sure.

  7. I made a career of business and tech writing, but I have challenged myself to finish the first novel. I just wrote my first little piece of fiction about 5 days ago. Everyone I know is too kind to review it– maybe because they know of the writer’s block. But like the poetry, they won’t rest until they’re out. I would be so proud to write like that. How long did it take you to find your publisher? Finish your first one? And now?

    1. What a great question. I wrote several books from 2009 through to 2011. Those books were a learning curve for me as I focused on developing my skill and nailing scene structure etc. I entered three writing competitions with three of those books, and the judges gave me some great feedback. I just kept writing until there was that one book that just shone.

      That book was PROTECTOR, and I kept submitting to agents and publishers. That process can take a while, but eventually it landed me my first contract in January 2012. PROTECTOR was published exactly a year later in January 2013, but during 2012, I wrote a further three books, and all those landed contracts. WARRIOR comes out in just a few weeks, another later in the year, and the yet another in the first half of 2014.

      Now though, I’m on a roll and writing 3 books a year, so I should have a new book releasing every four months.

      Follow your dreams. Anything is possible. And huge thanks for dropping a comment. I love connecting with those who read my blog. 🙂

    2. I do too. How inspirational! Thank you also for the encouragement. It feels insurmountable at times, but I know that if I don’t quit, I’ll eventually finish. About that learning curve: if you could do it again, would you have taken a class, or did you find self-teaching, trial and error more valuable?

    3. My next move, had I not gotten a contract, would have been to take a class. I was very aware that even though I knew how to read and write, that didn’t necessarily make me a writer. And I desperately wanted to hone my skills and produce quality work. Even now, I continually work hard at learning all I can about this craft I love so much. But I have to say, I’m so fortunate to have such a fabulous editor. They are worth their weight in gold. The things I’ve learnt have blown me away.

  8. Thanks again Joanne! I’m stoked. And I’m taking your advice to heart. My goal is to be better at daily writing, not necessarily daily marketing 🙂 I always live your advice!

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