Inspirational Thoughts From Me To You


By nature I’m an encourager, so this week I’m laying out some inspirational thoughts, from one writer to another. Sit back and enjoy.

1.  Write the book your heart demands you write.

2.  Create something special, which you long to share with your readers.

3.  If there’s a fire within you to write. Allow that passion to burn bright.

4.  Write with your own voice, and make it stand out from the crowd.

5.  Don’t wonder what if? Make it happen.

6.  Never lose your courage. Writers stick with it.

7.  Don’t worry about the setbacks. Just focus on the writing.

8.  Put one foot in front of the other, or one letter after another.

9.  Relentlessly pursue.

10. Kick those obstacles to the curb. Focus on your passion.

11. Choose your destination. Educate yourself. And write.

12. Struggles often end with the most rewarding triumphs.

13. Success is a choice. Now get out there, and control your own future.


inspirational thought

Do you have any inspirational thoughts to add to mine? If you do, drop me a comment and let me know. Perhaps there was one such thought which truly struck home. Shout it out, because I love hearing from you guys. Have an absolutely inspirational week. I’ll catch you all later.


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11 thoughts on “Inspirational Thoughts From Me To You

  1. Wonderful thoughts, Joanne. Thanks for sharing inspirational treasures. I especially like the verse in the photo at the end. So powerful! Have a wonderful week!

  2. *triumphant cry*

    Yay! Beautifully written and oh so inspiring!

    A few of my favorite quotes.

    “Perseverance furthers.” Confucius

    “Make whatever you do about the work.” Lydia Diamond, Playwright

    “The time is now.” Basement Jaxx

    Thanks for a great start of my week!

  3. Great post! My favorite is #12 because I feel like that will be me eventually. Don’t forget carpe diem (seize the day). I saw one the other day that, while not specifically about writing, was really pretty:

    Happiness is like a butterfly.
    The more you chase it, the more it eludes you.
    But if you turn your attention to other things,
    It comes and sits softly on your shoulder.
    – Henry David Thoreau

    Have a great day!

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