Got A Contract! — Now Celebrating.

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Yay! This would be me right now, if I were a cat! 🙂

Hey, everyone,

I’m doing a huge happy dance down here in New Zealand.

My second baby book titled “Warrior,” in my young adult/fantasy/romance series got a contract. Woo-hoo. Huge thanks go to Renee Rocco and her fabulous team at Lyrical Press NY for saying “yes.” I’m beyond excited. In fact if there weren’t a ceiling over my head, I would have floated away by now. Ah-huh, yes I would have.

Wow, it’s the coolest feeling to know my characters will have their story told, and thank you to all of you who twiddled your fingers with me as I waited to hear back. You guys rock.

In the meantime, to continue the celebrations I have a wonderful critiquing offer for you all. I said I’d bring it back–and I have. (Offer is below.)

I’ve also been super busy learning how to create a book trailer, so here’s what I’ve pulled together for your viewing pleasure. This book trailer is for “Protector” which releases on 7th January 2013. Oh boy, literally just one month away. What a wicked lead up to Christmas I’m having. Just click here to view the trailer on youtube –> Protector’s trailer.

So, to my offer–everyone who leaves a comment asking “for a critique” will have their name put into a hat. What do you win? Yours truly shall be your second set of eyes to go over the first four pages (or 1500 words thereabouts) of your novel. That’s the first four pages. Not four pages from the middle of the book, but the first four pages. Okay, so if you’ve been catching my blogs, you’ll know my skills are in the editing department–which means it will be a fabulous critique. You’ll love it.

I’ll pick a winner and post the name next week on my blog, so keep your eye out for who that is. (Particularly the winner, because you’ll need to get in contact with me via email.)

Now, I’m off to finish my third manuscript, a romantic suspense which I’m aiming to have ready for submission in the next week or two. Yep, why is it a writer’s work is never done?

Okay, catch ya all later.

* * * *

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PROTECTOR–BUY THE BOOK: Amazon Kindle / B&N Nook / iTunes / Lyrical Press / Kobo.

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60 thoughts on “Got A Contract! — Now Celebrating.

  1. Wow! Congratulations for finding the quarter at the end of the rainbow and the pot of gold under the couch… Strike that, reverse it. (My apologies to Roald Dahl.)

    And would too also like to be considered “for a critique”. 🙂

    1. Oops. In my excitement, I posted without editing first – BAD writer, no cookie. That SHOULD have read:
      “And I would too also like to be considered “for a critique”. 🙂
      *cheesy grin*

  2. Fantastic news!!!! Contracts are always lovely to get. The validation that comes from a publisher liking our story so much to contract it is unlike any other feeling. Amazing and may you have many, many more successes like this.

    By the way, I could go for a critique, too, of my YA fantasy. Extra eyes an opinions are always welcome in my world. 🙂

  3. For a critique. Firstly….congratulations Joann, what exciting news!!!! Secondly. I liked the trailer. The music was fabulous and I really want to read the book, it sounds great. My favorite line was the one about fighting two wars…one of the land and one of the heart. I think you could have ended the trailer there. The last line was unnecessary and a little confusing….the land/heart line was so much stronger. I liked the imagery mostly. As a former graphic designer though, I didn’t like the flipping images that had mirror images in the back…a little too busy and weakens the strength of the images you chose. But overall, really awesome. I’ve created my own book trailer and mine isn’t as good as yours. I know it’s not easy to do.

  4. Congrats, Joanne! That’s fabulous news. And I loved the book trailer. You did a wonderful job with it. What a lead-in to Christmas you’re having! 😀

  5. Congrats. I heard from a tweet by TW Dittmer.
    I’d love a critique–bends the edge of the ticket so it is more likely to be picked.

  6. Awesome job on the trailer! I know they aren’t easy to put together. Have my fingers crossed for a critique. Best of luck with your new contract. And the picture you shared to express your feelings…was purrfect!

  7. Congrats!! I love to hear about new stories being published in the genre I am trying to break into – the premise sounds interesting and I dig the prince’s name :)… So it would be perfect for you to review mine as well and critique! 🙂

  8. How exciting! Can’t wait to get your book! Congratulations! And maybe I’ll be the lucky one this time. 🙂

    1. Hi Jo, I’m dropping your name in for a critique. And thank you so much for the congrats. I’m certainly buzzing with excitement that my release day is almost here. It may even drop on Amazon, B&N, and iTunes earlier than Jan 7th. My fingers are crossed.

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