Submitting The Book.

Hey, everyone.

Me and my current WIP have been chummy this week. I’ve slogged through the final proofing of Warrior, a young adult/fantasy/romance, and it’s now complete. Phew. Yay, Woo-hoo.

My first baby book titled Protector has a follow-up, and that makes me sigh with delight.

So, I whipped up a synopsis and a blurb and now Warrior has been submitted to my publisher.

Now the wait. *fingers twiddling*

Will it get accepted? *fingers still twiddling*

I’ll be sure to keep you all posted. *twiddle your fingers with me*

In the meantime, I have a wonderful offer for you all. More than anything, I’ve learnt how important it is to have a second set of eyes go over those first few pages of one’s manuscript. For me, that’s my sister. She’s not a writer, but she’s an avid reader with a discerning eye.

As writers we read our work a thousand times and we know our story inside-out. Which means we occasionally miss something which becomes glaringly obvious once pointed out by another. Hate that, but also love and appreciate it. (Thanks, little sis.)

So, to my offer–everyone who leaves a comment asking for a critique will have their name put into a hat. What do you win? Yours truly shall be your second set of eyes to go over the first four pages (or 1200 words thereabouts) of your novel. That’s the first four pages. Not four pages from the middle of the book, but the first four pages. Okay, so if you’ve been catching my blogs, you’ll know my skills are in the editing department–which means it will be a fabulous critique. You’ll love it.

I’ll pick a winner and post the name next week on my blog, so keep your eye out for who that is. (Particularly the winner, because you’ll need to get in contact with me via email.)

Now, I’m off to hit the promotion trail for Protector which releases on 7th January 2013 with Lyrical Press, NY.   PS: We writers truly are the busiest people in the world. *nod if you agree*

Also on my website, as I post each week’s blog, I update my current news. You’ll find “News this Week” at the top right of the main page–and if you wish to see what I’m up to at a glance, well it’s all recorded right there.


16 thoughts on “Submitting The Book.

  1. How exciting! Will *twiddle my thumbs” with you but I’m sure you have nothing to worry about. You have such a gift.

  2. Wonderful news! There is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment after finishing a novel. Good luck and thanks for the op to participate in your drawing.

  3. I totally agree that a second set of eyes is a MUST. Good for you for posting. This is like an awesome want-ad for readers. Hoping you find just what you’re looking for…maybe it’ll be me;-)

  4. Your point is entirely valid but that trick with the picture wasn’t fair. The ‘the’s are at the beginning and end of every line. It’s a visual trick.

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