A Fijian Special.

I’m blogging this week from beautiful Fiji.

Yay. Hubby and I brought the four kiddies along with us to help celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.

This is me. I collapsed on the beach the second I saw the view and my daughter took this picture. I have vowed to bring my laptop to this inspirational location tomorrow to write.

But for today, it was an island adventure. We kayaked and snorkeled all morning. This is the beach where we did.

It’s glorious, isn’t it? I have to keep pinching myself that I’m here

Not long after this, we all walked along the water’s edge. My eight-year-old son raced ahead and up onto the grass edging. I caught up to him as he clambered around a small rowing boat set aside from the others. Leaning over the hull of the one needing a touch of repair, he gasped. “Mum, come look at this. I found two frogs. You have to help them.”

I strolled over to take a look. There were two frogs, splashing around in a puddle of water in the base. “I don’t think they need help.” They looked happy to me, although how they got in there, I had no idea.

You should have seen the horrified look my answer received. “No, Mum.” Blatantly said. “You have to rescue them. Get in the boat. Get them out.”

I blinked several times–I had to rescue a couple of frogs? “Honey, frogs and I don’t get along.” We really didn’t.

My son came around behind me and pushed me into the rowing boat, which meant no, that answer didn’t fly. Oh boy, why do children believe Mum and Dad can do it all?

And where was Dad? Frogs and all things slimy were his specialty.

I gripped the side of the rowing boat. Hubby shouldn’t have been too far behind with the others. Yet as I peered down the beach, he was nowhere to be seen. Typical.

Twenty years and the rascal still knows how to get out of the dirty jobs.

So, I sucked in a deep breath, squished up my nose and got down to the serious business of being a mother. There was plenty of squealing as I launched into the rescue mission. The crafty frogs kept slipping out of my hands. They were determined to remain inside the boat playing in the water. They were having a wonderful time. I was not.

My son cheered me along, clapping from the sidelines when I finally caught them. “You did it,” he beamed.

Thank goodness for that. “Take the frogs.” I passed him the squirmy green critters and scrambled out. “Go deliver them home.”

Which he did to the nearby pond, rattling off the story to Dad when he finally made an appearance.

Interestingly, later that night, it was announced that frog racing would be held down at the rowing boats. Apparently two frogs were caught each morning and raced in the afternoon. Um…

Perhaps this wasn’t going to happen.

* * * *

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20 thoughts on “A Fijian Special.

  1. Frogs I don’t mind. Now, if they’d been snakes… they would have drowned!

    Anyway, I really envy your trip to Figi. Enjoy while you think of the rest of us stuck doing our full time jobs each day. 😉

  2. Hey Hi Jo No pictures came through with email!!!!! Hows Jas and his sore ribs??? Keep on having an awesome holiday. Love to you guys Judi

  3. What a heavenly place! Wicked pictures! And the frog episode is way too funny. Enjoy enjoy enjoy.

  4. You’re so lucky to be in Fiji. I loved it when I was there some years ago. If you get the chance, visiting one of the traditional Fijian villages is a great experience. I visited Nukusere village and still think about it years on. Have a great holiday.

  5. Love this blog. I am difinitely not into frogs and slimey things, though when I was little I did like to collect toads for some reason; how age changes us lol. Where in Fiji are you staying? your first photo looks like the beach where I stayed.

    1. I stayed on Nadi as well but in the Coral Coast at a place called The Beach House!!! Really beautiful resort/flashpackers. It is where the tv show Love Island was filmed 🙂 Ya, the people are amazing! They are some of the nicest people I have ever met; and everything is on Fiji Time lol. Wait till you get home and everything – well you anyways – is in slow motion because you are so relaxed lol. Enjoy it!!!

  6. Oh, that was a cute story. The rescue of the racers! Sound like something I would’ve done. Love the pics, too. So beautiful. And Hobbiton–I’m so jealous! LOL

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