One’s next book…

This week I began working on my second Young Adult novel (my first to be published in the USA with Lyrical Press in November 2012, titled “Protector”.)

The second book’s characters have been alive in my head for years, and now they are finally bursting free and having their say.  I have spent a week running research on horses and cattle and Outback stations, because the amazing state of South Australia is the “drought-ridden” location for half of this book.

Next on my agenda was to look at Australian lingo.  What I discovered, was even though North American readers like to visit far-flung destinations when they read a book, they apparently find such dialogue with Aus/NZ-isms, can jolt them out of the story, interfering with the book’s flow, so now torches, kitchen bench, bonnet, and car parks, will respectively be called flashlights, kitchen counter, hood, and parking lots.  And that’s only the start, because instead of no worries/no drama, it is more appropriate to use everything’s cool, not a problem.

So with that being the case, I ‘m going to get cracking–and that would be “it’s time to write.”

Thanks for joining me.